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Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars #2) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I am in love with Bobby Tom!!! So far in the series this is my favorite book and it’s only number two. *grins*

Heaven, Texas is book two in the Chicago Stars series. Gracie Snow, as she puts it, is a homely woman who has recently been given a chance to prove herself with a movie company and was given the difficult task of getting Bobby Tom Denton down to Texas to film a movie.

Bobby Tom is a former pro football player who had to retire because of a knee injury. At 33 years old he feels lost because football has always been his world. What is he to do now? This movie he is supposed to star in doesn’t seem to appeal to him as much as he had hoped. Not only is Bobby Tom is egotistical, selfish, and insensitive guy but he is also charming, sweet, charitable and to top it off an overall nice guy.

Needless to say, I loved it!! Bobby Tom could be my boyfriend any day. I loved every part of this humorous, yet emotional story. They make a very interesting couple. So, yes opposites do attract. When things don’t go his way it end up driving their relationship to almost breaking point. Bobby Tom ends up doing some really stupid things. Their were times I loved him to pieces and then times I just wanted to knock some series sense into him, but then I realized that he can’t help it. It take him a lot longer to understand the emotional part but Gracie, on the other hand, is the absolute opposite and thinks there is no way a guy like him could fall for a girl like her.

I found it funny that all these woman want to be Mrs. Bobby Tom Denton. What was funnier is that Bobby Tom actually asks these woman 5 questions and if they answer them right they get the chance to be his wife. My favorite part was when he finally asks Gracie the 5 questions football quiz.

There is a secondary romance for Bobby Tom’s mom with Way Sawyer. It’s really sweet!!

The story was great. You can connect with the characters in so many different aspects and that truly made the book for me. Phillips brings humor along with the sex, drama and romance to her writing. I am looking forward to finishing this wonderful series and this is a romance you can’t forget.

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It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars #1) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I really, really enjoyed this romantic story!! It was filled with humor, romance and had some real emotional parts.

Phoebe Somerville is what most men would call a total bombshell. She has a killer body, a sexy voice, and the attitude that she can back up. What people don’t know about Phoebe is that she has sexual past that she rather forget and uses her hot body and witty remarks to cover it up. After her fathers funeral she comes to find out she has inherited the Chicago Stars football team. Phoebe learns that, while her father considers her his only failure, he’s given her an opportunity to make it up to him. Now Phoebe has only one season to lead the Stars to the AFC Championship or the team will go to her cousin.

Dan Celebow is the sexy coach of the Stars. The head coach of the Chicago Stars, wants nothing to do with Phoebe, believing she useless because she doesn’t know about football. Dan just wants to coach his players, for the team to win, and for him to find himself a nice, comfortable, woman to finally settle down with. After inheriting the team Phoebe takes off leaving contracts unsigned and the team wanting questions answered, Dan decides he has to bring her back to make this all work.

This book is not only heartwarming and sexy but it is absolutely hilarious. Susan Elizabeth Phillips did a wonderful job of making the sparks fly between Phoebe and Dan. Phoebe is a force of nature to be reckoned with. I loved the fact Dan was finally able to break through all the walls he has put up to keep everyone at a distance. As for Dan, I love that he was an arrogant alpha male.He puts his players and the Stars above everything else. Now trying to fit Phoebe into this transition was very fun to read about.

This was my first book by Phillips, but I can assure you it will not be my last. I was laughing out loud hysterically many times. I liked the crisis towards the end forcing Dan to compromise his principles for what he really wants. The story was so funny and wonderfully written and it is now one of my favorites.

Next book in the series is Heaven, Texas and I am truly excited to read more about these hot football players in the windy city.

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Believe by Lauren Dane

Believe is a follow-up to one of Lauren Dane’s other books. I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t start the other book before this but overall it was a great read. Jude and Rori have started their lives and have settled into bliss. With them being so into family and eager to create Christmas memories and traditions of their own, Jude just happens to plan a Christmas getaway so they can be alone and celebrate the way they want to. They have plenty of privacy to entertain their Dom/sub sexual relationship.

Lauren Dane can turn up the heat ,so crack your windows because it will get steamy. Rori and Jude were such likable characters and their love for one another shines like the sun. The erotic scenes are so believable. It was a pleasure to get a peek into their lives and now I am really excited to start their story from the beginning now.

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Unwrapped by Megan Hart

Newlyweds, Leah and Brandon are spending their first Christmas as a married couple at a ski resort in Colorado. While they have defined roles in their bedroom play, Leah is the dominate one and Brandon is all board with that. They actually have a very nicely balanced relationship outside of the bedroom. When Leah is injured on the slopes she insists Brandon continue to enjoy the outdoor activities while she hangs around the lodge. She begins to think about their lives wonders how this will affect their future.

Megan Hart writes emotional and powerful stories and in reading this novella it is clear this couple has history. But, having the chance to read the previous two books I was missing parts of their full story and so I think that is perhaps why I didn’t get into this one as much. The sex is so very erotic but Megan Hart has always set the bar very high. While this was an enjoyable, very erotic story, I feel like I would have enjoyed this one much more if I had read Leah and Brandon’s full story first but now that I know this I will be back tracking.

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Explosive by Beth Kery

Beth Kery not only brings suspense to Explosive, but she brings some serious heat!

Sophie Gable is a doctor of internal medicine and Tom Nicasio is an investment advisor who just so happens to have an office in the same building as Sophie. Tom used to be an explosives expert for the NAVY. Sophie and Tom have seen each other frequently, being in the same building. It just so happens they have been attracted to each other but have never acted on it.

Taking some time off Sophie heads out to her cabin, and to her surprise Tom shows up and tell her he has to be inside her. Trying to the bottom of what is going on with Tom, Sophie wants to help him. There have been some murders of people close to Tom, and he may be next. His amnesia isn’t helping. But during this time, he has an insatiable need for sex with Sophie. And lots of it, she is the key to getting to the bottom of what really has happened with Tom.

Tom desperately wants Sophie in so many different ways and lucky for him Sophie is more than happy to comply. The sex scenes were so hot I was wondering if I was panting and drooling. I actually could not put this little hot read down. I loved how Tom and Sophie got together, after the weeks of being attracted together and they just didn’t jump into bed together. The suspense part of the story relates to murder and Tom’s adopted father being investigated for organized crime activities. I was dying to know who the murderer was and if his father was in fact involved in these activities.

I loved Tom!! I felt for him loosing some important people in his life and loved the way Sophie was trying to help him move past it. Tom was a pure Alpha male and loved every minute of it. I was relieved when Sophie took a liking to it as well. I mean who doesn’t like a take charge kinda man?

Explosive was the perfect title for this fantastic read. Not only did it have some explosions but had tons of explosive sex. This is a well-written book that’s loaded with some intensely steamy pages, as well as an element of suspense. An entertaining read. If you like a sexy as hell hero who will save the day, you’ll love Tom as much as I did. *swoons* Thomas and Sophie, two people who both felt like they never really belonged in their families found everything they needed in each others arms.

I can’t wait to read more from Beth Kery, she always knows how to get you interested and you keep you on the edge of your seat.

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My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

Another great addition to the Soul Screamers series! This series just keeps getting better and better if that is even possible. Rachel Vincent is Is a force to be reckoned with. She takes her Soul Screamers to a whole new level.

My Soul to Steal picks up a few weeks after My Soul to Keep leaves off. In this book Nash and Kaylee are on a break because of Nash’s addiction to frost. Kaylee is unable to come to terms that he is doing better and she is not ready to start-up the relationship once again. Now enter Sabine, who just happens to be Nash’s ex-girlfriend from two years ago, transfers to their school. I know, I know I was “Oh My God” as well. Sabine is literally Kaylee’s worst nightmare and it just so happens Kaylee is number one on her list.

This installment keeps you interested from the first few pages. Honestly, Vincent never brings you a dull moment. I can’t help but feel attached to these characters from the beginning of the series. You get a chance to watch them grow and become the persons they were meant to be. In this book Kaylee took the lead. I loved how strong she has become from the previous books. I actually did scream GO KAYLEE when she slapped Sabine but I wont say why. I also admired the fact that she didn’t give into the pressures that Sabine was dishing out.

Kaylee is trying to trust Nash. I totally understood the whole trust issue, but sometimes I wanted to yell, ” Are you serious? He loves you! Why are you over thinking this?”. Nash, well, he is really trying to move past his addiction and to make things right between Kaylee and him. The way he spoke to her, I melted at those certain parts. What really brought me to tears is when Todd had a heart to heart with Kaylee. It must have been so hard, but I understood the confusion and anger on Kaylee’s part. I also felt for Todd having to be so bluntly honest but then again that is a part of life.

Not only can Vincent keep your mind wondering, she can also make you see the world she has blessed us with. My Soul to Steal was so much more than what I was expecting. I couldn’t put it down if my life depended on it. I needed answers and I needed them now. Vincent doesn’t tease she leaves the best cliff hangers for what will hopefully come soon in this wonderful series. If I could read, If I Die, right this minute I would truly be in heaven. I am looking forward to the next installment in this series plus so many more to come by this wonderful author.

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Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart

Megan Hart is usually known for her romances, but you wont find that here. Hart brings you on an incredibly intense journey filled with some serious emotions.

At first I really wasn’t sure what to think about this book, but as the story progresses I was more and more intrigued. I started asking myself some serious questions that I would never thought to ask myself. What would I do in this situation? Hart opens up a whole new world for me because this could actually happen. It’s life. Somewhere in the world this could actually happen.

Gilly Solomon is a stay at home mom with a husband and two kids. Sometimes wishing she could just run away. Although she loves her family her breaking point was coming fast and what she fears is becoming like her mother. While running errands with her two children, a stranger jumps in her car. Gilly isn’t so much terrified for herself, but her children. Finally she finds a way to get them out of harms way, but now she is trapped with this stranger.

Todd didn’t have an easy life, so that has left him in a broken state. He ends up taking Gilly to the cabin that was left to him by his uncle. Now that they are both isolated in the cabin and not to mention in the middle of a massive snowstorm the real trial between them begins. What does he want? How long will Todd keep her? Questions, questions, questions… that I can’t answer because I want you to read this book.

I honestly couldn’t put this down. It captures your interest in the very first couple of pages. Although the plot is heartbreaking and totally made me cry at the end, I loved every minute of it. I was actually stunned speechless on this whole story and even how it ended.

Precious and Fragile Things is a very unique and a very thought-provoking story. It will for sure will touch you in a different way. To me this is truly one of her best books and I cant wait to read what others will think about this book. Going outside your comfort zone for reading is never a bad thing, so I would like to thank Megan Hart for helping me move past it. Now I will be looking forward to see if she will writing more thought-provoking books in the future because it was a treat. This will always be a reread for me.

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