Posted by: lushbookreviews | September 12, 2010

Riding Temptation by Jaci Burton Review

WOW!! That is all I can say about this book! I have read the series out-of-order but it was easy to catch onto.

Diaz Delgado has been watching Jessie grow up into a beautiful woman. Jessie’s thrilled its Diaz who finally takes notice because he has tempted her since the first day. His unbrotherly urges have been hard to fight but the last thing he’d want to do is hurt Jessie and break up the gang. But when they both go undercover to infiltrate a group of killer survivalists, he realizes how hard it is to keep his distance from the one woman who can take him on.

Although, this is only the second book i have read in this series I absolutely loved Diaz, I am a sucker for a strong Alpha male with a soft side. Jaci Burton brought the fireworks in this book with the adventure, temptation, romance and passion.

I still can’t believe I’m just now reading this series. Jaci Burton is truly a new favorite.


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