Posted by: lushbookreviews | September 29, 2010

Book Covers

What is it about book covers that draw readers in or that make readers bypass the book all together? I’m sure everyone has heard the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”, but just how many readers are guilty of just doing that?

In writing this blog I found out more what I like and dislike in so many covers. I actually went through my bookshelves to take a look at what have read and tried to remember what it was that made me want to run
to the cashier, pay and walk out of the bookstore with a huge smile on my face. I came to the conclusion it’s the cover. I need something that pops out at me and has my imagination running wild of what the book is about before I even pick up the book to read the summary.

A good cover makes me pick up the book while I’m browsing in the bookstore. Having the characters on the cover who actually look like character the author has created is a must for me. Landscapes and buildings have me wondering what part of the world the book is set in. If the cover has me asking myself questions on the plot of they story, I have to pick it up, rush home to put that cover to the ultimate test by reading the book.

Colors, colors, colors… bring on the colors! Boring color schemes aren’t as eye-catching. I have walked by so many dull cover books, now I’m not saying those are bad books, but there was something about the cover that just made me not give it a second glance. By arranging certain color combinations into mood categories-such as “Fresh,” “Urbane,” “Alluring,” and “Dynamic,” can catch the reader’s attention. I like the dark and dreamy or the bright as the sun colors. Books with white backgrounds and not enough colors can tend to be uninviting. The more colors the better as long as the colors match together perfectly.

Great photography and artwork is a certain quality that I look for in the covers. It’s all how the designer makes it mesh all together to get this dynamite cover that makes readers like myself gasp, and say this is the one I want to read.

I don’t believe in putting all book covers into one category. Depending on the category the book falls under depends how I see the cover. For example for a Romance book the cover should be hot and steamy, two main characters intertwined, with colors that just scream “buy me”!

What is unique about the bookcovers you love or dislike and how does it heighten the way you see covers now?


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