Posted by: lushbookreviews | November 2, 2010

Water Bound by Christine Feehan

This is my first Christine Feehan book ever and I fell in love. It was different, magical, and just enough romance to curl your toes. This is now one of my favorite books!!!

It makes you look at autism in a different light. Rikki was such an amazing female. Nit only strong, but gifted with the element of water. You could feel the affinity and love of water that Rikki felt. The water became her safe haven. You can’t help to fall in love with her.

Lev had a past as a cold-blooded killer, and was a dangerous man, but she looked into his heart and saw the man he wanted to be. She was never afraid of him and always stood her ground. Some people deserve a second chance at life and with that she gave it to Lev.

Rikki and Lev found that connection that was beyond belief. The way their connection grows along with trust, faith, and love it is just amazing. Just when you think Rikki will never give in, she lets herself get lost in him. The way they can look in each others eyes and find that peace is what ever girls dreams of.

Lev didn’t try to change Rikki to fit him, he changed himself to fit her and her life. Finding that out was sweet, settling and romantic. She needed constancy and routine, and he understood that and was able to work with it. On his part he gave her the emotional bond that she never got. Lev is the dangerous man but Rikki isnt scared. She feels safe and protected. He’s also a gentle, loving man with her. Who wouldn’t want Lev as their love.

I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Spirit Bound. I can only see this series getting better and better.


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