Posted by: lushbookreviews | November 23, 2010

Wild Fire by Christine Feehan

This was my first Christine Feehan ever, and it was such a thrilling ride that I have added to read the rest of this series among some of her other work. Feehan makes living in the Amazon not only action packed but also sexy.

Leopard shifter Conner Vega is a leopard shifter who is part of a special group that just happens to eliminate all threats to the rain forest. On this mission Conner ends up re-meeting his mate, Isabeau Chandler. Although this isn’t the first time the two have come face to face but it is the first time they are brought together after Conner’s betrayal.

Conner is not only beautiful, but also very terrifying. I mean after all he is a leopard shifter. In this mission children have been kidnapped to force these tribes to move drugs through the Amazon. Conner and his men have been asked to take the operation out and rescue these children. Now that Isabeau back into Conner’s life it is time for them to give their love another chance and rekindle the passion they have had since first meeting.

Filled with passion, romance, suspense, and forgiveness. The emotions Freehan brought out were just unstoppable. Everything flowed so nicely from page to page. You not only experience what the characters are feeling, but the depth of their emotions. Of course whats a great story without a surprise, but with this book surprises helped make this a wonderful read.

Old characters are brought back in and from my understanding new ones will keep this series ongoing. Like I said this was my first book but I am in a hurry to start from the beginning of the series and I am looking forward to the next installment. I cannot wait to read about each one meeting their mates and the story of their journey to get to that wonderful place.

A great read for any shifter lover!


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