Posted by: lushbookreviews | November 27, 2010

Drink of Me by Jacquelyn Frank

I don’t think anything I write could do this book justice. Jacquelyn Frank has created a super natural world with some of the most diverse characters I have ever seen. The story jumps out to you just from the first page. It not only left me wanting, but needing to know more about this characters and what is to become of them and their world.

Prime Reule has always been a composed and responsible when it comes to ruling his people. Until he meets this small woman who was found lost and severely injured has no memory of who or what she is. Giving the small woman her name, Mystique. Mystique may have no memory, but she knows some important things by her instincts.

All characters were so well written. Jacquelyn Frank had them fitting the rolls perfectly. From the moment Reule and Mystique meet you can tell their relationship is heated and how they are drawn to each other.
A lot takes place in the book but they do what they have to do to find themselves in one another. And when they do give in to their desires hold on because the ride doesn’t stop there. I already have a few of my favorite side characters and am anxiously awaiting to have them as lead characters. Action, emotion, and the ultimate fantasy world. With the strong romance and passion taking place between Reule and Mystique you can only loose yourself page by page.

I can’t tell you enough how much I loved this new fantasy world. This book will have you turning page after page to find out what happens. If Jacquelyn Frank isn’t on your reading list just yet, she should be. Book after book and she NEVER disappoints.


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