Posted by: lushbookreviews | December 4, 2010

Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis

Simply Irresistible is a fun new series that I couldn’t get enough of. I was told I had to read this and that I would love it. Well, I sure did! With this being my first Jill Shalvis book I was very pleased.

Its time for Maddie to start over from the beginning. After she breaks up with an abusive boyfriend and looses her job Maddie has sworn off men. Now she is heading to Lucky Harbor where her mother has left her and her half-sisters an inn. Now its time to decide if they should sell the inn or fix it up and make it home where she can start over fresh, but convincing her sisters will be a battle she is ready to take on.

Jax meets Maddie after she first comes to town and is very interested in her, but since she was just coming out of a relationship, Jax has to take things slow with her. The good part is that Jax not only has the patience, but the determination to win her over. Not only is Jax super hot, but he wears many hats in Lucky Harbor.

I loved Maddie and Jax from when I opened the book. The chemistry between them is total hotness. The sex scenes can fog up mirrors. I liked that they both had unwanted pasts that were trying to overcome to move forward. All couples have issues and I loved that Jill Shalvis was able to make it all real and made you feel like you were living in Lucky Harbor. The supporting characters were also fun to read about. I found myself getting caught up in the stories of Maddie’s sisters Tara and Chloe. It added so much more to the story. Now to wait for their books will be torture.

The “big secret” that was being hidden was killing me. I almost had to ask someone what it was *laughs* but overall it’s finally answered at the end which sets up nicely for book two, The Sweetest Thing (Tara’s story) which is due out April 2011. Waiting until April will be killer, but I am positive Jill Shalvis will make the wait well worth it.

If you haven’t read this fantastic romance I would advise you to head to your local bookstore and buy it. Believe me you will fall in love with Jax and Maddie. This is the perfect love story!


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