Posted by: lushbookreviews | December 14, 2010

All She Wants For Christmas by Jaci Burton

I love the Holidays so I had to read this novella . Jaci Burton can sure bring the heat, but in this book Burton gives you a sweet, romantic, and a forgiving captivating story.

Riley Jensen is a Country singer that returns hometown after her publicist comes up with the taping a Christmas special there. Riley ran as fast as she could from a town after seeing her boyfriend in bed with her then best friend. She never looked back, never talked to them again until her publicist wanted footage for a bibliography of her hometown for the holidays. The one person she didn’t want to see of course is the first one she sees, Ethan Kent. Ethan has a little girl, Zoey, who is a big fan of Riley’s.

Ethan can not believe she came back after 10 long years. He is still in love with her, but knows it would be best to avoid that whole side of things. Then she can leave and continues her singing career. However, wanting to make his 7-year-old daughter happy, he takes her to see Riley. Will seeing each other finally offer the forgiveness they both need so desperately?

Burton takes you on an emotional but sweet holiday ride. I didn’t really take to Ethan in the beginning, based on what he’d done to Riley when they were younger. But as the story progressed I was totally on board for team Ethan. After explaining he did try to find her after she ran I was puddy in his hands.

I loved Riley and the journey of life she went on. I liked the fact that something was missing in her life and that made it so real. People go through those situations everyday. I also liked the fact it was a process forgiving Ethan for what he did. Their relationship progresses slowly and perfectly.

I read this is one night because I honestly couldn’t get enough of Ethan and Riley. This is such an emotional story I was in tears through half the book. Some sad tears and then the happy tears followed. Burton brings passion, love, and most of all forgiveness to a whole new level. The ending was dynamite. I wished it was longer, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will get a chance to see Wyatt and Brody, Ethan’s brothers, in their own love stories. I think they need it.

For all those who want a romantic, holiday story this is the one for you. Although it’s a short read, I would recommend this in a heart beat.


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