Posted by: lushbookreviews | December 24, 2010

Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day

So far this is my favorite book in the series. It continues on the bigger story of overcoming the vampire threat on humanity and finding out how to raise Atlantis. This starts with the story of Lord Justice, in the previous book he was taken away by Anubisa for an eternity of torture.

In the previous book we came to find out that Justice’s big secret was he is also a Prince of Atlantis which makes him Conlan and Ven’s brother. Dr. Keely McDermott is an archaeologist from Ohio, who has a strange connection to a wooden fish carving, and has an extraordinary gift. Justice is from Atlantis, who’s also part Nemeid, which mean he has the mind of two souls. Justice and the other warriors fight vampires who want to take over the world. Keely is sent to Atlantis to find another stone to unleash Atlantis. Keely and Justice are attracted to each other from the beginning but they tend to butt heads. While looking for the stone they end realizing their destiny.

From the beginning the story it had me drawn to both Keely and Justice with such strong emotions that I knew I was going to love this story to pieces. With every page I flipped I went deeper into the world that Alyssa Day created. This is a fantastic new paranormal series that you’re going to love.
The romance was good, but the heat and passion between Keely were great. This is for sure one of my favorite series.

Day brings out the alpha in Justice but he is still very much aware of his weaknesses and flaws. He is dominant and he has a great sense of humor. I loved the fact that Keely was almost just as protective as Justice was for her. It had so many “awwww” parts, I couldn’t keep myself from giggling like a little girl.

Keely had a dry sense of humor that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. She was also strong, determined, and had so much courage she couldn’t contain it. The bantering between the warriors is another one of my favorite parts. Justice, is well yum! And he has blue hair! *winks* I love it! I loved the Justice cared for her and tried to hold on to what sanity he had left just for her. It was so touching and very intense.

You get a chance to fall in love with the secondary characters. I am truly excited to read more of this series and get a chance to read about the other Warriors of Poseidon. The story keeps building and building you just fall right into step as if your right along with them and that was a total plus for me.

Alyssa Day really makes her sex scenes not only count, but makes them sizzling. I was waiting for them to confront Anubisa, but that didn’t happen. Just maybe they will later on in the series.; *crosses fingers* As the series moves forward the plot get deeper and clearer. I think I might have an idea where this is going and I am looking forward to following the rest of the series.

Atlantis Unleashed not only has love and sacrifice, but darkness and light. It is a fun ride and I am looking forward to Atlantis Unmasked.


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