Posted by: lushbookreviews | December 24, 2010

Atlantis Unmasked by Alyssa Day

I had a little trouble getting into this book, but I didn’t want to move past it and go to the next because this is a series that should be read in order to paint the bigger picture. As the story progressed I became more involved so I was very happy. *smiles*

Alexios is an Atlantean warrior, one of several that help protect Prince Conlan. He was a prisoner of the vampire goddess Anubisa for two years. Alexios bares the scares from his torture. The left side of his face is horribly disfigured while the right side is still beautiful. Alexios is usually considered the voice of reason. He’s the one that can be counted on in a crisis and can always keep a cool head. He takes up celibacy as a way to cleanse his soul, but that difficult to uphold when he begins to have strong feelings for Grace.

Grace lost her brother after a vampire attack and decided to try to do whatever should could do to stop the vampires from gaining power. She does have an amazing ability when using the bow. This comes from her being a descendant of the goddess Diana.I loved the fact a goddess was put into the mix.

I loved the fact that Grace and Alexios’ had known each other for month before they give into their relationship. Alexios liked her and respected her fighting ability but he wasn’t romantically interested in her at that point. Some of that had to do with his distance from others.

Day gives you a teasing glimpses into the long-suffering relationship between Alaric and Quinn. That was a major special treat in this story. Alaric is the Gregori of Atlantis, and he owns every scene he is in. I do hope Day finally decides to write his story soon. Not only can’t I wake for Alaric’s chance at happiness and love but the other warriors who are left to find their one true love.

Although, I had trouble getting into the mix of this book, it paints such a bigger picture and it is well worth it. Day brings more adventure, love, change and romance all to light. I am truly looking forward to getting my hands on Atlantis Redeemed and start it right away! I can’t get enough of this super strong, sexy warriors of Atlantis.


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