Posted by: lushbookreviews | December 24, 2010

Slow Heat by Jill Shalvis

Batter up!!

This is the second book in the series and I loved the first book, Double Play, and I was very happy to discover this one is not only just as good, but better.

Samantha McNead is a PR rep who works for a Major League Baseball team, the Santa Barbara Heat. Not only was Sam born into baseball, but she loves her job and is good at it. Wade O’Riley is the team’s catcher. He’s got a bit of a reputation as a playboy, and there’s been a scandal involving a woman with a false claim that she’s pregnant with his child. The Heat decide Wade needs some good PR for once and Sam is just the woman for the job. She is to pose as his girlfriend for a month. What many people don’t know that one drunken night they slept together. Now with all the pretending, will the two end up involved?

I loved this story!! I fell for Wade from the first book. You could see their was a spark but both were so willing to leave it alone. Wade is a easy-going, down-to-earth, and giving man despite his fame. Sam, however, was his opposite. She tended to be a little bit on uptight side of things. All in all she loved her job and cared about all the players. I agreed on her reasons to try to fight the relationship with Wade, but Wade would not give up and I loved him more for that. *squee* I enjoyed Sam and Wade’s interaction together. They had a lot of sexual tension, humor and the emotions they experienced. Of course again, Jill Shalvis can bring the laugh out loud humor.

There were a few surprises that were thrown into the book and I loved that. It never had a dull moment. The only thing I felt surprises never really got wrapped up. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to assume everyone lived happily ever after (but I did that anyway). I also was interested in some of the other players and wondering if they will also have a book.

I loved this book more than the first only because I love Wade. I mean who wouldn’t want a sexy former player that turns into a one woman man. Not only that but the way he was with her was sweet. I also found myself saying “awwww” through story. I love stories with happy endings and Jill Shalvis can deliver them.

Slow Heat was a fun, sexy and kept me turning the pages, I can’t recommend this enough. I really enjoyed it to the very last page. *sigh* Jill Shalvis is always on my to read list.


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