Posted by: lushbookreviews | December 28, 2010

Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart

Megan Hart is usually known for her romances, but you wont find that here. Hart brings you on an incredibly intense journey filled with some serious emotions.

At first I really wasn’t sure what to think about this book, but as the story progresses I was more and more intrigued. I started asking myself some serious questions that I would never thought to ask myself. What would I do in this situation? Hart opens up a whole new world for me because this could actually happen. It’s life. Somewhere in the world this could actually happen.

Gilly Solomon is a stay at home mom with a husband and two kids. Sometimes wishing she could just run away. Although she loves her family her breaking point was coming fast and what she fears is becoming like her mother. While running errands with her two children, a stranger jumps in her car. Gilly isn’t so much terrified for herself, but her children. Finally she finds a way to get them out of harms way, but now she is trapped with this stranger.

Todd didn’t have an easy life, so that has left him in a broken state. He ends up taking Gilly to the cabin that was left to him by his uncle. Now that they are both isolated in the cabin and not to mention in the middle of a massive snowstorm the real trial between them begins. What does he want? How long will Todd keep her? Questions, questions, questions… that I can’t answer because I want you to read this book.

I honestly couldn’t put this down. It captures your interest in the very first couple of pages. Although the plot is heartbreaking and totally made me cry at the end, I loved every minute of it. I was actually stunned speechless on this whole story and even how it ended.

Precious and Fragile Things is a very unique and a very thought-provoking story. It will for sure will touch you in a different way. To me this is truly one of her best books and I cant wait to read what others will think about this book. Going outside your comfort zone for reading is never a bad thing, so I would like to thank Megan Hart for helping me move past it. Now I will be looking forward to see if she will writing more thought-provoking books in the future because it was a treat. This will always be a reread for me.


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