Posted by: lushbookreviews | January 3, 2011

Explosive by Beth Kery

Beth Kery not only brings suspense to Explosive, but she brings some serious heat!

Sophie Gable is a doctor of internal medicine and Tom Nicasio is an investment advisor who just so happens to have an office in the same building as Sophie. Tom used to be an explosives expert for the NAVY. Sophie and Tom have seen each other frequently, being in the same building. It just so happens they have been attracted to each other but have never acted on it.

Taking some time off Sophie heads out to her cabin, and to her surprise Tom shows up and tell her he has to be inside her. Trying to the bottom of what is going on with Tom, Sophie wants to help him. There have been some murders of people close to Tom, and he may be next. His amnesia isn’t helping. But during this time, he has an insatiable need for sex with Sophie. And lots of it, she is the key to getting to the bottom of what really has happened with Tom.

Tom desperately wants Sophie in so many different ways and lucky for him Sophie is more than happy to comply. The sex scenes were so hot I was wondering if I was panting and drooling. I actually could not put this little hot read down. I loved how Tom and Sophie got together, after the weeks of being attracted together and they just didn’t jump into bed together. The suspense part of the story relates to murder and Tom’s adopted father being investigated for organized crime activities. I was dying to know who the murderer was and if his father was in fact involved in these activities.

I loved Tom!! I felt for him loosing some important people in his life and loved the way Sophie was trying to help him move past it. Tom was a pure Alpha male and loved every minute of it. I was relieved when Sophie took a liking to it as well. I mean who doesn’t like a take charge kinda man?

Explosive was the perfect title for this fantastic read. Not only did it have some explosions but had tons of explosive sex. This is a well-written book that’s loaded with some intensely steamy pages, as well as an element of suspense. An entertaining read. If you like a sexy as hell hero who will save the day, you’ll love Tom as much as I did. *swoons* Thomas and Sophie, two people who both felt like they never really belonged in their families found everything they needed in each others arms.

I can’t wait to read more from Beth Kery, she always knows how to get you interested and you keep you on the edge of your seat.


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