Posted by: lushbookreviews | January 9, 2011

It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars #1) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I really, really enjoyed this romantic story!! It was filled with humor, romance and had some real emotional parts.

Phoebe Somerville is what most men would call a total bombshell. She has a killer body, a sexy voice, and the attitude that she can back up. What people don’t know about Phoebe is that she has sexual past that she rather forget and uses her hot body and witty remarks to cover it up. After her fathers funeral she comes to find out she has inherited the Chicago Stars football team. Phoebe learns that, while her father considers her his only failure, he’s given her an opportunity to make it up to him. Now Phoebe has only one season to lead the Stars to the AFC Championship or the team will go to her cousin.

Dan Celebow is the sexy coach of the Stars. The head coach of the Chicago Stars, wants nothing to do with Phoebe, believing she useless because she doesn’t know about football. Dan just wants to coach his players, for the team to win, and for him to find himself a nice, comfortable, woman to finally settle down with. After inheriting the team Phoebe takes off leaving contracts unsigned and the team wanting questions answered, Dan decides he has to bring her back to make this all work.

This book is not only heartwarming and sexy but it is absolutely hilarious. Susan Elizabeth Phillips did a wonderful job of making the sparks fly between Phoebe and Dan. Phoebe is a force of nature to be reckoned with. I loved the fact Dan was finally able to break through all the walls he has put up to keep everyone at a distance. As for Dan, I love that he was an arrogant alpha male.He puts his players and the Stars above everything else. Now trying to fit Phoebe into this transition was very fun to read about.

This was my first book by Phillips, but I can assure you it will not be my last. I was laughing out loud hysterically many times. I liked the crisis towards the end forcing Dan to compromise his principles for what he really wants. The story was so funny and wonderfully written and it is now one of my favorites.

Next book in the series is Heaven, Texas and I am truly excited to read more about these hot football players in the windy city.


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