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The Heiress (Madison Sisters #2) by Lynsay Sands

The Heiress is intriguingly delicious!

This is the Second book in the Madison Sisters Trilogy and was just as intriguing as the first book “The Countess” which was fabulously funny and sinfully sexy.

First I want to say how much I actually enjoyed this book from the very first page all the way to the very last page. Lynsay Sands doesn’t only bring you in a new world that is just captivating, but she insures you will enjoy the ride one page flip at a time.

Suzette Madison is looking for a poor husband, one that she can manage and merry to get her father out of a gambling debt. Attending a ball with her sisters, she meets Daniel Woodward. She thinks that she has found all that she is looking for in him, who just so happens to be a close friend of her sister the Countesses husband. After purposing after the night they meet it is now up to Daniel to the agree to the terms that she is requesting, but the real question is will Daniel say agree?

Daniel doesn’t want the attentions of money seeking woman, so he pretends poverty and Suzette is thrilled. Now Daniel tries to gently tell her the truth all the while trying not to give in to the temptation of Suzette’s charms and quick wit.

I loved the fact this book runs parallel in time to The Countess which was not really new for me, but Sands makes it so enjoyable. It was great seeing what Daniel and Suzette were actually doing in the first book and to find out their was just so much more to their story. It filled in a lot of questions that I was having while Richard and Christiana were trying to make it work between them. You also get another mystery on your hands, Who is out to ruin Daniel and Suzette’s relationship?

The writing of the characters were very lovable. Suzette was honestly my favorite. She is feisty, persistent and will go to all ends for the people she cares for. Daniel is handsome, accomplished, and a man of his word. The attraction between them was nail-biting. Are they going to get together? When? I asked the questions and then finally answers. I thought as a couple they were just perfect for each other and they balanced out really well.

I was sad to see it end but then got really excited that soon we get to finally get to the bottom of the story of Lisa. She is a regular in the books, but her point of view of all the events will not only be a surprise, but extremely exciting.

This is a perfectly charming and cute addition to the Madison Sister’s Trilogy. Sands always out does herself in every book she puts out. Truly one of my favorite authors of all time and I cannot wait to read the third addition to this series. I recommend this series to all historical romance fans.

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The Countess (Madison Sisters #1) by Lynsay Sands

The Countess is not only funny and intriguing, but it is sinfully sexy!!

When Christiana’s mean, cruel husband Dicky Fairgrave drops suddenly dead of what they assume are natural causes, she and her sisters decide to put him on ice (literally) and go on as if life hasn’t changed except for the better. The First night of Dicky’s death Christiana decides to go to a ball with her sisters. With Dicky being dead and all you could only imagine their complete utter shock when they see Dicky at the ball.

Richard Fairgrave has just come back from America to confront his twin brother who has stolen his identity as well as married under his name. When Richard meets his “wife” at the ball he finds her to be a little less than he expected. But with some time and whiskey on Christiana’s part, he soon finds that he really wants to keep his “wife”. Now will he have to earn her trust to get to the bottom of her and who murdered his bother.

In my book Lynsay Sands could do no wrong! I have never read a historical romance, but if all the other romances are like this, I have been missing out on so many fabulous books. I loved the way the story was written and told. The characters are very much likable and enjoyable. The attraction between Richard and Christiana is just phenomenal and they fit perfect together. You also get a good look not only into Christiana’s life, but her sisters as well. The story flowed so well I didn’t realize I was turning the pages faster and faster wanting to know what was going to happen and who killed Dicky. Then having to slow down because I really didn’t want it to come to the end. It kept my attention throughout the whole story and that is a huge plus.

The romance was absolutely outstanding. I couldn’t get enough of how deep their emotions ran for each other. Suzette intrigued me so I am really looking forward to reading about her. Lynsay Sands just keeps you wanting more. And more do I want!

Over in all this book was fantastic, it was funny at times which I wasn’t really expecting. The book wasn’t all romance, it had mystery twist which I loved to pieces. This is truly a must read for not only Lynsay Sands fans, but romance fans in general. I am really looking forward to the next installment, The Heiress which is set to release early 2011.

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Atlantis Unmasked by Alyssa Day

I had a little trouble getting into this book, but I didn’t want to move past it and go to the next because this is a series that should be read in order to paint the bigger picture. As the story progressed I became more involved so I was very happy. *smiles*

Alexios is an Atlantean warrior, one of several that help protect Prince Conlan. He was a prisoner of the vampire goddess Anubisa for two years. Alexios bares the scares from his torture. The left side of his face is horribly disfigured while the right side is still beautiful. Alexios is usually considered the voice of reason. He’s the one that can be counted on in a crisis and can always keep a cool head. He takes up celibacy as a way to cleanse his soul, but that difficult to uphold when he begins to have strong feelings for Grace.

Grace lost her brother after a vampire attack and decided to try to do whatever should could do to stop the vampires from gaining power. She does have an amazing ability when using the bow. This comes from her being a descendant of the goddess Diana.I loved the fact a goddess was put into the mix.

I loved the fact that Grace and Alexios’ had known each other for month before they give into their relationship. Alexios liked her and respected her fighting ability but he wasn’t romantically interested in her at that point. Some of that had to do with his distance from others.

Day gives you a teasing glimpses into the long-suffering relationship between Alaric and Quinn. That was a major special treat in this story. Alaric is the Gregori of Atlantis, and he owns every scene he is in. I do hope Day finally decides to write his story soon. Not only can’t I wake for Alaric’s chance at happiness and love but the other warriors who are left to find their one true love.

Although, I had trouble getting into the mix of this book, it paints such a bigger picture and it is well worth it. Day brings more adventure, love, change and romance all to light. I am truly looking forward to getting my hands on Atlantis Redeemed and start it right away! I can’t get enough of this super strong, sexy warriors of Atlantis.

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Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day

So far this is my favorite book in the series. It continues on the bigger story of overcoming the vampire threat on humanity and finding out how to raise Atlantis. This starts with the story of Lord Justice, in the previous book he was taken away by Anubisa for an eternity of torture.

In the previous book we came to find out that Justice’s big secret was he is also a Prince of Atlantis which makes him Conlan and Ven’s brother. Dr. Keely McDermott is an archaeologist from Ohio, who has a strange connection to a wooden fish carving, and has an extraordinary gift. Justice is from Atlantis, who’s also part Nemeid, which mean he has the mind of two souls. Justice and the other warriors fight vampires who want to take over the world. Keely is sent to Atlantis to find another stone to unleash Atlantis. Keely and Justice are attracted to each other from the beginning but they tend to butt heads. While looking for the stone they end realizing their destiny.

From the beginning the story it had me drawn to both Keely and Justice with such strong emotions that I knew I was going to love this story to pieces. With every page I flipped I went deeper into the world that Alyssa Day created. This is a fantastic new paranormal series that you’re going to love.
The romance was good, but the heat and passion between Keely were great. This is for sure one of my favorite series.

Day brings out the alpha in Justice but he is still very much aware of his weaknesses and flaws. He is dominant and he has a great sense of humor. I loved the fact that Keely was almost just as protective as Justice was for her. It had so many “awwww” parts, I couldn’t keep myself from giggling like a little girl.

Keely had a dry sense of humor that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. She was also strong, determined, and had so much courage she couldn’t contain it. The bantering between the warriors is another one of my favorite parts. Justice, is well yum! And he has blue hair! *winks* I love it! I loved the Justice cared for her and tried to hold on to what sanity he had left just for her. It was so touching and very intense.

You get a chance to fall in love with the secondary characters. I am truly excited to read more of this series and get a chance to read about the other Warriors of Poseidon. The story keeps building and building you just fall right into step as if your right along with them and that was a total plus for me.

Alyssa Day really makes her sex scenes not only count, but makes them sizzling. I was waiting for them to confront Anubisa, but that didn’t happen. Just maybe they will later on in the series.; *crosses fingers* As the series moves forward the plot get deeper and clearer. I think I might have an idea where this is going and I am looking forward to following the rest of the series.

Atlantis Unleashed not only has love and sacrifice, but darkness and light. It is a fun ride and I am looking forward to Atlantis Unmasked.

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Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey

This is my first Shannon Stacey story and I loved it! It was perfect for getting me into the holiday season.

Chloe Burke returned to the small town in Maine where she grew up to house sit while her parents are on a cruise. After having some electrical problems, she contacts a local electrician, who happens to be a hunky former classmate she couldn’t remember. Scott Quinn had always had a crush on Chloe in school, but back then he wasn’t much to look at, and she was one of the cool kids. Chloe decides to pay him to rewire her parents’ house as a Christmas gift to them. The constant interaction between the two results in an agreement for a no strings fling that would end when Scott finishes the job in three weeks and Chloe’s parents return home to spend Christmas with her.

The gift they ended up giving each other had me saying “awwww”. These two were really just too cute. I was dying for them to finally get together. After the # weeks were up I actually asked out loud, “What will they do?” but of course Shannon Stacey had a plan. Even though Scott preferred his small town life and Chloe preferred her life in Boston, they were willing to do whatever it took to make it work.

The passion they feel for each other is phenomenal. Both Chloe and Scott are lovable characters, and so many amusing parts that had me grinning. The novella was good I wished it was longer. Chloe and Scott are very lovable characters. I loved that they were normal people and reading about their love story made me all giddy inside. I mean 10 years having a crush and then finally getting the girl. Who could ask for anything more enjoyable. The sparks between them made every page of the book a real pleasure to enjoy.

The end so romantic so of course I recommend this book to all those who love Holiday themed stories. 🙂

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Slow Heat by Jill Shalvis

Batter up!!

This is the second book in the series and I loved the first book, Double Play, and I was very happy to discover this one is not only just as good, but better.

Samantha McNead is a PR rep who works for a Major League Baseball team, the Santa Barbara Heat. Not only was Sam born into baseball, but she loves her job and is good at it. Wade O’Riley is the team’s catcher. He’s got a bit of a reputation as a playboy, and there’s been a scandal involving a woman with a false claim that she’s pregnant with his child. The Heat decide Wade needs some good PR for once and Sam is just the woman for the job. She is to pose as his girlfriend for a month. What many people don’t know that one drunken night they slept together. Now with all the pretending, will the two end up involved?

I loved this story!! I fell for Wade from the first book. You could see their was a spark but both were so willing to leave it alone. Wade is a easy-going, down-to-earth, and giving man despite his fame. Sam, however, was his opposite. She tended to be a little bit on uptight side of things. All in all she loved her job and cared about all the players. I agreed on her reasons to try to fight the relationship with Wade, but Wade would not give up and I loved him more for that. *squee* I enjoyed Sam and Wade’s interaction together. They had a lot of sexual tension, humor and the emotions they experienced. Of course again, Jill Shalvis can bring the laugh out loud humor.

There were a few surprises that were thrown into the book and I loved that. It never had a dull moment. The only thing I felt surprises never really got wrapped up. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to assume everyone lived happily ever after (but I did that anyway). I also was interested in some of the other players and wondering if they will also have a book.

I loved this book more than the first only because I love Wade. I mean who wouldn’t want a sexy former player that turns into a one woman man. Not only that but the way he was with her was sweet. I also found myself saying “awwww” through story. I love stories with happy endings and Jill Shalvis can deliver them.

Slow Heat was a fun, sexy and kept me turning the pages, I can’t recommend this enough. I really enjoyed it to the very last page. *sigh* Jill Shalvis is always on my to read list.

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Double Play by Jill Shalvis

Play Ball!!

This was a great contemporary romance. Since I happen to love Baseball myself, I had to read this book. Come to find out I would not be disappointed. Not only do you get the romance you get a view inside the baseball season.

Pace Martin does not need any distractions while in season. He’s the star pitcher for the Santa Barbara Pacific Heat’s baseball team. Fighting an injury that could end his career and trying to pitch the Heat to the World Series. With lots of pressure on him already, he doesn’t need Holly Hutchinson interfering in his life. Holly Hutchinson is not only good at finding secrets, but she is asked to write about them. Attraction runs deep with the two and trying to fight it because both have jobs to do and don’t want romance to get in the way. When tension runs high and trust issues come into play, you have to wonder if they are a match made in heaven.

Even before this book I wanted my own baseball player (*bats eyes at Derek Jeter*), but then after reading this I am wondering where to find one. I liked the fact that this book wasn’t predictable. You never new when they were going to take things to the next level. Laughing out loud is a great quality in this book, although my husband kept looking at me like I lost my mind, I truly enjoyed this. It was a very fun read.

I loved Pace and the whole nice guy thing he had going on. The only thing that bothered me was my feelings for Holly in the beginning while she was speaking to her boss, but she didn’t listen to him and kept trying to find out what the Heat was hiding. Way to go Holly! Holly pretty much expects everyone around her to hide things or lie, but she doesn’t come off as completely cynical or hard. On the contrary, I found her tough choices when it comes to writing her articles, the secrets, and her relationship with Pace very real. I also loved that fact that she didn’t do it to advance in her writing career. Pace being a private man whose life revolves around baseball and his career wasn’t the jerk I would have been picturing. He could have been a self-centered athlete, but instead he is a giving, kind man and lets not forget hot!

The chemistry is wow. Shalvis can write some steamy scenes and she certainly did not disappoint on those in Double Heat. Even with just the kissing scenes can fog up any mirror. I loved the sexual tension between Holly and Pace, in fact so much build up that they don’t even get together until you read half the book but it is well worth the wait. Then when they finally together, WOW!!! I also fell in love with a few of the secondary characters and crossing fingers some more book will be written about them.

This is a great year around read and a great book for any baseball fans. Well, actually for anyone who just loves romance.

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All She Wants For Christmas by Jaci Burton

I love the Holidays so I had to read this novella . Jaci Burton can sure bring the heat, but in this book Burton gives you a sweet, romantic, and a forgiving captivating story.

Riley Jensen is a Country singer that returns hometown after her publicist comes up with the taping a Christmas special there. Riley ran as fast as she could from a town after seeing her boyfriend in bed with her then best friend. She never looked back, never talked to them again until her publicist wanted footage for a bibliography of her hometown for the holidays. The one person she didn’t want to see of course is the first one she sees, Ethan Kent. Ethan has a little girl, Zoey, who is a big fan of Riley’s.

Ethan can not believe she came back after 10 long years. He is still in love with her, but knows it would be best to avoid that whole side of things. Then she can leave and continues her singing career. However, wanting to make his 7-year-old daughter happy, he takes her to see Riley. Will seeing each other finally offer the forgiveness they both need so desperately?

Burton takes you on an emotional but sweet holiday ride. I didn’t really take to Ethan in the beginning, based on what he’d done to Riley when they were younger. But as the story progressed I was totally on board for team Ethan. After explaining he did try to find her after she ran I was puddy in his hands.

I loved Riley and the journey of life she went on. I liked the fact that something was missing in her life and that made it so real. People go through those situations everyday. I also liked the fact it was a process forgiving Ethan for what he did. Their relationship progresses slowly and perfectly.

I read this is one night because I honestly couldn’t get enough of Ethan and Riley. This is such an emotional story I was in tears through half the book. Some sad tears and then the happy tears followed. Burton brings passion, love, and most of all forgiveness to a whole new level. The ending was dynamite. I wished it was longer, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will get a chance to see Wyatt and Brody, Ethan’s brothers, in their own love stories. I think they need it.

For all those who want a romantic, holiday story this is the one for you. Although it’s a short read, I would recommend this in a heart beat.

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Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6) by Richelle Mead


My favorite quote from the book “But I was meant for you.” .

WOW! Richelle Mead’s Last Sacrifice is not only breathtaking, but absolutely heart pounding. I am not even sure I could put this review into words how amazing not only this book is, but the series in a whole. Last Sacrifice gets my vote for YA of the year! Mead not only did a fantastic job of letting us into this world she has created, but ended this series with an explosion.

Rose has been locked away and waiting on word to start her trial for murdering Queen Tatiana. If Rose only new her friends are planning the great escape so they could clear her name. Rose has always protected Lissa and now its time for the roles to reverse. Breaking Rose out of prison is only the first step to clearing her name and finding out who actually killed the queen. Adventure after adventure, it just doesn’t stop.

Anger, anxiety, fear, joy, love, pain, loss and healing, Mead has it all. Never a dull moment. Just when you think things are going a certain way, they change. The suspense was killing me through out the book and I never wanted to put it down. Reading this one times was not enough. I will have to revisit this series over and over.

From the first chapter you can feel what Rose was experiencing and wanted. Emotions run high in this book. Everything that was ongoing in the series was answered which has so many pluses!! Who is the illegitimate child of Eric Dragomir, who murdered the queen, why was Rose set up, whats to become of Lissa and the question that is on everyone’s mind, does Rose end up with Adrian or Dimitri. Yes, she finally ends up with someone. Of course I super happy on how the series ended.

This is definitely a book I can assure you will love and not be able to put down. It takes a lot for me to be stunned silent after reading a book, but this book did it. This book doesn’t just top the charts, it reaches a whole new plateau. I wish this series didn’t have to end, but all great things must come to an end at some point in time. Do not fear this wont be the last of these characters we have grown to love. Mead is currently working on the spin-off series, Bloodlines, which will be out late summer/early fall of 2011.

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Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis

Simply Irresistible is a fun new series that I couldn’t get enough of. I was told I had to read this and that I would love it. Well, I sure did! With this being my first Jill Shalvis book I was very pleased.

Its time for Maddie to start over from the beginning. After she breaks up with an abusive boyfriend and looses her job Maddie has sworn off men. Now she is heading to Lucky Harbor where her mother has left her and her half-sisters an inn. Now its time to decide if they should sell the inn or fix it up and make it home where she can start over fresh, but convincing her sisters will be a battle she is ready to take on.

Jax meets Maddie after she first comes to town and is very interested in her, but since she was just coming out of a relationship, Jax has to take things slow with her. The good part is that Jax not only has the patience, but the determination to win her over. Not only is Jax super hot, but he wears many hats in Lucky Harbor.

I loved Maddie and Jax from when I opened the book. The chemistry between them is total hotness. The sex scenes can fog up mirrors. I liked that they both had unwanted pasts that were trying to overcome to move forward. All couples have issues and I loved that Jill Shalvis was able to make it all real and made you feel like you were living in Lucky Harbor. The supporting characters were also fun to read about. I found myself getting caught up in the stories of Maddie’s sisters Tara and Chloe. It added so much more to the story. Now to wait for their books will be torture.

The “big secret” that was being hidden was killing me. I almost had to ask someone what it was *laughs* but overall it’s finally answered at the end which sets up nicely for book two, The Sweetest Thing (Tara’s story) which is due out April 2011. Waiting until April will be killer, but I am positive Jill Shalvis will make the wait well worth it.

If you haven’t read this fantastic romance I would advise you to head to your local bookstore and buy it. Believe me you will fall in love with Jax and Maddie. This is the perfect love story!

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